Raw Meaty Bones Campaign

Media Censorship (we will overcome).

The veterinary, dog and cat media frequently demonstrate a reluctance to publish letters and articles relating to natural feeding and oral health. For instance, the letters page of the Australian Veterinry Journal carries the notice: "The Editor has the discretion to reject letters on issues already extensively covered by the AVJ." Under this pretext matters of diet, affecting 100% of the animals under veterinary care and matters of oral health affecting in excess of 85% of domestic cats and dogs, are refused publication. Other more blatant forms of censorship are known to occur.

Please send us copies of your letters and articles which have been refused publication. Please indicate full name of editor, full name of journal, and where possible provide letters of rejection.

If you have material, which is not copyright protected, and received publication against all expectations, then please send us copies. These will be considered for publication here also. Please remember to supply full name of editor, full name & issue of journal.

Please provide all relevant contact particulars for yourself. Material can be e-mailed to tom@rawmeatybones.com , faxed to +61 2 9627-4285 or posted to Riverstone Veterinary Hospital, Garfield Road, Riverstone NSW 2765, Australia.