Here's a pic of my beautiful boxer girl, Lily, at 18 months old, showing off her beautiful shiny fur from all those RMBs!!!!

All of our dogs' health has improved dramatically since the switch, though most noteworthy would be our mini poodle/chihuahua cross. At 4 years old we still thought she was a brown and grey dog, we now realise after changing her diet to raw that she was meant to be black all along!!! You can no longer smell her doggie odour from across the room, and her breath smells great!!! So much thick green sludge from years of commercial feeding is gone, as well as that recurring staff infection and her coat is no longer dull and wiry, it's soft, fluffy and shiny!!! My Kelpie/Bull Terrier cross needed her collar taken out two notches because she just bulked out so much, even at 5 years she has actually lost weight and gained muscle!!!

But the pic I have sent is of Lily, and you can see what it's done for her, shiny coat, sparkling eyes, great muscle tone, loads of energy, a great deal less dog aggression!!! I'm a very happy mum!!!

Thanks for showing me the way to give my dogs a life of nothing but the best.

August 2003