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Vets Say: Dr Douglas Bryden

Dear Tom,

Thank you very much for sending me a copy of your book and for your generous letter which accompanied it.

Your book is a testament to your wisdom and your courage, and I am reading it from cover to cover. I have learnt much already which I did not know before and I am recalling some detail from your writing which is focusing my mind in areas where I need to be better informed. I am obtaining new insights and I am sure that there will be segments I will want to read again or to use as a reference when I have finished the book.

My role in the events so far was small, however I am proud to be mentioned in your book and to have been able to be even a minor player. There is of course much still to be done, some of which will flow on naturally from your example. I would like to think that there will be many who will take up the challenge in the future.

Congratulations on the publishing of an important book which, if I may say, has some bite in it. Every graduate and undergraduate veterinarian should read the book for it has the potential to challenge the things they believe to be true, and gives them the wonderful opportunity to step back from themselves and to look more dispassionately and more deeply at the science they practise and to realise how important it is to listen carefully to others who may have a pearl of wisdom to share.

warmest regards

Dr Douglas Bryden AM
Veterinary Educator and Consultant
21 August 2001

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