Hi my name is Elizabeth Dott and I live in Central Florida in the USA.My e-mail address is eliznleg@yahoo.com.

My 3 ½ year old Border Collie Alibi {along with my other 3 BC's} has been on a raw meaty diet her whole life and I must say I have never had a healthier dog. I got Ali specifically to do dog agility with and she exceeds my expectations on a daily basis.

I work her hard almost everyday and to have the drive and speed to be a top dog in this sport it takes muscle tone, energy and endurance. Ali has all of this due to her raw natural diet.

Ali's two brother littermates fed a commercial pet food diet their whole lives sadly were diagnosed with hip dsyplasia a year ago. Ali's hips are excellent. I tend to think since she was predisposed to hip problems the raw diet had something to do with her growth development and has everything to do with her excellent hip score.

Here is a picture of Ali doing what she does best. Notice the muscle tone white teeth and shiny coat which I don't believe could have been achieved without the presents of a raw diet.

Also my ten year old Border Collie Legend who has a lot of structural issues and arthritis is still walking today due to his raw diet.

Thank you Dr. Lonsdale for your book, and your time and energy researching this for the benefit of our pets.

The link to your site is on my web site under raw feeding your dogs and can be viewed at: http://airalibi.tripod.com/

Elizabeth and the BC's
Maxwell Eugene CGC AD
A Scottish Legend CGC
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August 2005