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Junk Pet Food And
The Damage Done
Nexus Vol 14 No 6 October/November 2007
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Here at Raw Essentials we embrace the philosophy that feeding raw food to cats and dogs is as close to their natural diet as you can get. Raw meaty bones work wonders for the health of dogs and cats. Feeding species appropriate pet food is also great for the planet. We use NZ pest species to great benefit and lessen the impact of 1080 poisoning. Our range is sourced from 1080 free blocks and with increasing demand for our products we are helping to reduce the use of this terrible poison.

When it comes to the practicality of feeding your dog and cat we would like to empower you with a little knowledge and give you the confidence to trust in Nature and feed your dog and cat a natural diet of Raw Meaty Bones. The Raw Essentials range allows you to do this easily.

Carnivores keep themselves healthy by eating whole carcasses of prey animals. Pet owners need a satisfactory alternative. The Raw Essentials Range provides that alternative. With our selection of species appropriate prey including rabbit, hare, chicken, ostrich and fish, you can provide your back-yard carnivore with a great diet. The raw food diet is easy to follow, relatively inexpensive and your dogs and cats will love it.

Make sure fresh water is always available

Eliminate all grain based food from your carnivore's diet  (wheat/corn/soy/rice) - grains affect their digestive physiology, preventing the proper digestion of a raw meaty bones diet.

Raw Meaty Bones should form the bulk of the diet (see the Raw Essentials Range).

Keep it simple to start - for dogs - stop all grain based foods - fast for 24hours - feed lamb brisket, chicken frames and green tripe for the first few weeks, then add in the rabbit/hare/possum/pilchards for variety.

Cats are harder to change - stop all grain based dry food - choose a grain free wet food they like, gradually add a small amount of raw rabbit mince until they accept it. Talk to us about transitioning cats - we know how to get this done!


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