Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Health

By Tom Lonsdale

(Review written by Judy McMahon)


The Canine Journal (The Official Publication of the Royal NSW Canine Council Ltd)

Vol 14 No 10 Page 27 April 2002

Web: www.rnswcc.org.au
Forty years ago a book called Silent Spring became a best seller and
kick started the green movement. Its author, Rachel Carson, examined the
impact of agricultural chemicals on land, waterways and living creatures
including ourselves. It also examined the corporate entities that profited
by developing, producing and selling the chemicals.
Just a quarter of the way into Dr Tom Lonsdale's Raw Meaty Bones: Promote
the thought crossed my mind that here was a Silent Spring for
companion dogs and cats. By the time I was halfway through I was in no

The title tells only part of the story. A breeder, browsing bookstore shelves might think:

Oh, a Billinghurst clone.

Not so.

While Dr Lonsdale examines nutrition and disease in great depth there is
much more to be found within his pages. Early in the book he cites a study
published in 1996 in the respected Journal of Veterinary Dentistry: "A
greater than 75% incidence of periodontal disease has been reported in
dogs". That is a sobering statistic.

A little further in he tells of a petfood manufacturer faced with growing
evidence of an upswing in behavioural problems being observed in
commercially fed dogs. Later in the book comes a story
of how, when presented with findings about the relationship of their
products and immunological disorders, the industry response was that new
products would soon be on the way.

Dr Lonsdale's basic message is straightforward. Pets with tooth and gum
disease gradually develop a multiplicity of disorders and diseases as their
immune systems fail. Tooth and gum disease are frequently observed in dogs
and cats fed artificial pet foods; they are not observed in wild carnivores except as

part of the life cycle when animals are close to death.

Therefore, for optimum health and function, small carnivores such as dogs
and cats should be fed a diet appropriate for their species.

The relationship between periodontal disease and the failure of body systems in
humans has been accepted for many years. With this book we are able to
examine the same relationship in dogs.

Each of us has a view on how to best raise and keep our dogs -- we also recognise the need to update our knowledge. Raw Meaty Bones contains a wealth of convincing evidence and valuable information on canine systems and health matters.

Although written by a scientist this book is an easy read for the lay person. There are some
ripping 'whodunnit' yarns along the way and much else that is entertaining.

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