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Junk Pet Food And
The Damage Done
Nexus Vol 14 No 6 October/November 2007
(Unabridged text)

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George McIntyre II,
WA, Australia, May 2003

Scuzzi Connelly,
NSW, Australia May 2003

Scuzzi Connelly,
NSW, Australia May 2003

Bonnie Dye,
West Yorkshire, England
July 2003

Dr Johan Joubert and patient

Lily Bowry,
NSW, Australia
August 2003

Gaudi Nassif
October 2003, Switzerland
Thank you Dr Lonsdale for your book, finally my owner knows what I really need to eat.....

Gaudi Nassif and friends.

'Four week old Alaskan Malamute pup with her first raw meaty bone. It was so amazing to watch it brought me to tears. It was natural, beautiful and right!'
PJ Kendrick, California,
February 2004

Mick - 5.5 months 2nd generation raw fed Old English Sheepdog enjoying a snack of lamb. Judy Asarkof

Rory and Breege .... a picture of good health! Alison Seall

Mili - Bullmastiff puppy aged 8 weeks

My Australian Shepherd bitch Adobe Walls' Amy has 7 puppies, that are raised the natural way without any industrial food stuff! They grow beautifully and love their meat meals tremendously.
Astrid Beutler, Thuringia in Germany

Dogs marching for health
For more Youlia Anderson work see:

Toro, 9wk old Tosa Inu
'I bought your book 5 years ago and have been feeding RMBs ever since.'
Marion Donaldson, California

Sami Epifani know's what's best. December 2004

Kato 3 year old Bernese Mountain Dog
Four days no food (seriously ill with squash ball blocking the bowel) followed by five days on minced beef and ground bone, PLUS teeth cleaning with an electric toothbrush

Kato 3 year old Bernese Mountain Dog
Three days on raw-meaty-bones, nature's toothbrush, only!

Dogs know best
Lia de Ruiter
Netherlands May 2005

Raw Meaty Bones